I’m on break right now, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
Ah, and a quick note about me- I’m a pokemorph! So don’t be too alarmed if you see me as a sylveon one minute and a human the next, haha!


I’m on break right now, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

Ah, and a quick note about me- I’m a pokemorph! So don’t be too alarmed if you see me as a sylveon one minute and a human the next, haha!

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Coming to a blog near you March 1, 2014.

in case anyone was wondering where I’ve gone


Coming to a blog near you March 1, 2014.

in case anyone was wondering where I’ve gone

1000 pardons but..


As you may know i have been struggling finacially for a long time without much of a break..

Well today my internet was cut off which puts me in a dangerous spot. I had lost my financial aid for college and i used that to pay for EVEYTHING i needed for college, including internet access for my online classes as well as personal things like medication and bills.

If i do not pass this semester i will not recieve the help i desperately need… Please if its not so much to ask i could really use some help.

Im on my phone right now so i cant post a link but if you’d be willing to donate/commission theres a link on my blog as well as a donate button. I apologize for asking this of you but any help would be great right now…



edit: sorry, one of the emails was wrong! it’s fixed now ;w;

As some of you have probably heard, Tinny is going through quite a bit of a financial struggle right now. Her gas/heating has been shut down for a while now, her  financial aid has been cut off, and just recently her internet has been cut off as well. Ask-blogging and Skype aside, she needs the internet to complete her coursework for this semester, since she takes some classes online. If she doesn’t pass this year, she will not be eligible for money she and her mother need.

I don’t have a lot of free time and my art may not be very good but I’m going to open up $10 commissions for fullbody flat color anything. It can be Human characters. It can be Pokemon. It can be anthro, I do not care. As long as it’s Safe For Work and I am provided references, I’ll try my damned hardest to draw something.


More examples of my work can be found here on DEVIANTART or on my ART TUMBLR.

  1. $10 per one (1) character.
  2. Fanmail or Submit a text post to PoketardCatastrophe with the information you want to include for your picture. PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES.
  3. Wait for me to accept the commission before paying.
  4. PLEASE SEND PAYMENT TO: either my paypal (cassidy_xayachack11@yahoo.com) or donate to Tinny (tinnycommissions@yahoo.com) with SCREENSHOT PROOF of your donation submitted to this blog. 
  5. No matter how small the amount you donate straight to Tinny, I will draw/doodle something for you. I cannot promise it will be fancy but you will get something in return for your kindness.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

- Cashew

Art Blog

Reminder to my followers that my ask blogs are on indefinite hiatus and most of my activity art-wise will be on my art blog, so if you enjoy my art/characters, it’s a good idea to check it out!

As you all may have gathered by now, I’m taking a very extended break from the community. I don’t know if/when I’ll be back, but I don’t feel like this is a healthy and safe place for me to be right now, and I need to step away and do my own thing until I feel comfortable here again.

I need to work on my own personal projects…I think I’m going to get into drawing comics again, and I’m definitely going to be doing more illustrations with my OCs from now on instead of just drawing pokemon, pokemon, pokemon. I’m primarily a human artist, after all.

My art blog is here and this is where you can find my art from now on.

Also, as you may have seen because I keep drawing attention to it, my friends and I have opened up a role-playing forum based on the Kalos region. It’s a very expansive board designed for building a community for interaction, and everyone is welcome to apply! We’re already off to a great start. So you can find my writing, as well as other writers’, here!

And, well, that’s about it. I had a lot of fun when I first started my blogs, but the energy has died and it’s replaced with too much negativity that isn’t good for my health. I hope it’s resolved in time and I can bring these blogs back, but we’ll just have to see!

For now, I’m off to bed, and my official leave from the community and my new dedication to my own personal work and characters begin when I wake up.

Good luck, everyone, and I hope to see you elsewhere!


Jolokia exposes his neck to Ember, revealing a Magma-insignia collar wrapped tightly around it. A quick tug and claw-swipe reveals that it's quite firmly placed there, and rather unbreakable. "I guess I should've known better than to think I was immune to those greyfaces... knew sooner or later they'd hit me with something like this. Guess I'm along for the ride until this thing wears off... so, since you're the only one I'm familiar with on this whole team... while I'm here, guide me, yes?"
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Blake: I don’t remember allowing anything like you to be created or let in. Where did you come from, and why are you here?


Shit, I’m so dead… Jolokia told himself, staring the brown-haired man in the face. He’s never going to sit there and believe the truth, but… Arceus, this is one time I really hate being such a bad liar! Think, damn it, think!

The male’s blue-green eyes softened their surprised gaze just a tad, as he tried to at least put on an air of confidence despite the clear uneasiness he felt. Heart racing, he decided to speak the truth, even if he knew it would likely turn out to be his final words. Even in this time of need he couldn’t bring himself to come up with a good fib, so it was time to just spill it.


"Um, well, uh.. sir…" the Skymintaur began, nervously clenching his hands into fists as he spoke in plain human-speak. "My name is Jolokia, and I’m a tauric Pokemon. Basically, I’m what you’d get if you had a human-like Pokemon from the waist up and a quadrupedal one below. Specifically, I’m a hybrid of Sky-Shaymin and Ninetales… though most just call me a Skymintaur since the Skymin DNA is far more prevalent. The tails are more just decoration and for flame control."


"And how I got here? The thing is, I honestly don’t remember anything except being back at Pinwheel Forest in Unova with my daughter… everything else is kind of a hazy blur. I did wake up in this odd underground cellar place, and I had chains strapped onto my limbs and my neck kind of stung on the left side. And I had this collar wrapped around my neck, same symbol as the one on Ember’s.”


"There was this really weird shadowy figure that claimed someone had sent out a hit on me to be delivered here, or something. All I know is, when he untied me, and after I came out of the cellar, I was right in front of the headquarters building. I don’t know where I am, I don’t know how the shadow got me here… I just… am. I’m guessing by the collar that apparently whoever kidnapped me had plans to use me, but I wasn’t able to get him to say much before he disappeared on me."


His ears lowered slightly as he finished recounting his tale. “That’s truly all I remember, sir. I don’t have any intentions of being some sort of ‘hero’ or anything like that. I’m lost, likely far away from home, confused about how I even got here, and I’m really unsure of what the hell I’m supposed to be doing. I mean, I have this collar, so I’d presume I’d somehow be of use to you… or, at least, that’s what that shadow thought when he brought me here…”

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So why was James chosen to be a Pokemorph?
+ Anonymous

But since our research in pokemorphs was stemming into new directions, I figured it convenient that there was suddenly a viable fetus within reach to…”donate” to the experiments.
I have no use for infants otherwise; I’d sooner kill them or at the very least, toss them out than have them taking up resources and space. 


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…and more like villains, or abusers. My scars may not be quite as visible as yours…but they are there, and their cause is humans.

Of course, my own experience is, naturally, very narrow, so I’m curious as to what others have seen and gone through. I’d like to disprove a theory of mine that has been bothering me for quite some time, though at this rate, I fear I may be on the right track…

Though, if I understand correctly, your scars are not from humans, but from wherever you came from… 

In which case… Hm… Anyway, thank you for sharing. I won’t pry any farther.